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The SJSS is one of the consistent leading security providers in the industry in terms of



Delivery of Quality Services

The St. Jude Security is endowed with five (5) work tables for a successful delivery of commitments and made its clients stayed for longer years, such as:

  • Reliability – ability to perform service commitments dependably and accurately
  • Responsiveness – prompt delivery of services
  • Assurance – employees’ knowledge and courtesy. Ability to motivate trust and confidence
  • Empathy – personalized care and touch extended to client
  • Tangibles – facility, equipment and bearings of security personnel


Financial Capability and Stability

Financial stability is the foundation and strength of our business. The SJSS is capable to fund the services it provides to the clients by means of sustainable financial resources:


  • Timely payment of salaries and wages
  • Business operating cost
  • Infrastructure and development, maintenance and replacement

Since time immemorial, we have always been open and honest about our financial situation and run open book accounts so that prospects and clients alike can gain access to all levels of financial information. This openness helps SJSS more reliable and forges a long term business relationship with clients.


For more than 14 years, the SJSS was able to carve its name in the chronicles of the security industry. Being the leading service provider, we provide the best protection available. Since then, our clients nationwide have come to depend on us.


We reached this position by never being complacent to the status quo. We keep pushing the envelope to set the standards of excellence in our business.

By adhering to core values, the SJSS continues to grow and improve. Ten years ago, we had a handful of employees. Today, we have tested security professionals who make up the SJSS upon which you can readily rely on.

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